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About Us.

We are a group of Martial Artists passionate about non-traditional and interesting stories, exciting action that move beyond the borders of social expectations! We gain our inspiration from the world which we experience around us. Breaking through the cliched roles in society we use our creativity to make things that don't yet quite exist by people you don't happen to know yet!

Suza Headshot .jpg
 Writer / Director / Producer & Founder
Suza is the founder of Filmdhit and an award-winning writer / director and producer. She has worked extensively in the Action and Martial Arts genre co-producing Made in Chinatown, a Netflix Comedy Martial Arts movie as well as freelancing for ITV, Coronation Street & Emmerdale as a Fight Arranger. Her interest lies  in Virtual Production and new media development.  Her recent feature film Honorable Sins was awarded over 20 Awards and nominations. Trained in the use and safety of restricted and unrestricted weapons. Suza is an advocate for women and under-represented groups, a mentor with ScreenSkills and a BECTU / BFI / Pact member/ BAFTA Connect
Tom Tucker.webp
Producer / Annimator
Tom Tucker is a UK-based writer/producer with extensive credits in Film, Theatre and Television. Tom began his career in the US rising up the ranks of the independent feature film world in New York and Los Angeles. He has been behind the curtain, working for highly-respected indie filmmakers such as Tamara Jenkins and Neil Burger, as well as for cinema legends like Robert Redford and Stan Winston. He has worked for Fox Searchlight, Killer Films, Dimensions Films, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount, Lakeshore, Nickelodeon and CBBC.
Sunny Singh2.jpg
Brand Ambassador / Fight Choreographer
Sunny Singh is an action actor,  a fight choreographer, producer and casting director. He is a 3X Taekwondo World Police Games  Gold medalist as well as a celebrity bodyguard. He has worked in feature productions in the US, Canada, the UK and Bollywood. Sunny has received over 100 awards and medals for his martial arts and acting skills.  He is an instructor and has been a trainer for law enforcement and film consulting. Sunny is trained in the use and safety of martial arts weapons and firearms.
Asha headshot 5.jpg
Production Assistant / Actor
Asha Annais is an award-winning actress, martial artist, dancer and singer. She has worked as a  production assistant and assistant make-up artist. She received her first award for rising star at 15 years old in New York's Urban action Showcase for her lead in Replecan and has received four awards for her lead role in Honorable Sins. Asha enjoys teaching and has taught martial arts and acting for several years. She is trained in the use and safety of unrestricted and restricted firearms. She is a first-aider and safeguarding lead.
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